ACAMIS Technology Conference
Saturday & Sunday, October 16-17, 2021

Shanghai Singapore International School, Shanghai

Theme:  Tech Well

  • Emerging Technologies
  • High School
  • Presenting On-site at SSIS
  • School Leader/Curriculum Coordinator
  • Technology Coordinator/Director
  • Technology Integrator

Scott Campbell
Shanghai Singapore International School

From industry to education. Returning to Canada after studying in Japan, Scott started his own company at the young age of 16. The company quickly grew and took on a number of large clients such as Judy Inc, Eikon Device, the National Ballet School of Canada, and many more. Overtime the company evolved from general consulting to R&D, and in 2012 Scott published the worlds first patent for 3D Micro-lens imaging technology. Since then Scott has been working as an educator in China developing customized STEM curricula for schools all over the country.


A.I. Raising - Reimagining the Computer Science Curriculum
Even before the COVID-19 outbreak made us rethink our education system, many educators started questioning standardized exam based curriculums.

In this presentation participants will be brought through a completely reimagined High-school curriculum. Learn how we can go from bits, to logic gates to a circuit that can perform logical tasks. That for all intents and purposes can think for itself. See what a STEM course that will provide students with the relevant entering skills for the modern digital frontier by focusing on practical experiments and circuit design would look like.

Participants will be given access support materials.




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