Debate for Change Tournament

This is a new ACE initiative that originated at the 2018 Spring Conference, award winners were announced for the ACAMIS Service Learning Awards. One of the grants went to students from Dulwich College Beijing who created a debate contest that is designed to raise funds to support charities. It is heartwarming to see student involvement of this kind. ACAMIS has now adopted the debate activity as an annual event and we hope you will become involved. A team of three persons or an individual can take part. Over an exciting two days, students will fundraise and become more aware about local charities through guest speakers, workshops and a knock-on debate competition.

Debate of Change Tournament - FAQ

What is it?
The Debate for Change Tournament (DCT) is a student-initiated event designed to bridge service and debating together. Through a knock-on debate competition, we hope to raise awareness for three local charities: HOPE (Horses Offering People Enrichment), the Yunnan Project and MCF (Migrant Children’s Foundation). As DCT is not-for-profit and has the support of the ACAMIS Service Learning Grant, all funds will go towards running costs and local charities. At the end of the competition, the winning teams will be able to choose which charity the money raised from the competition will go towards. In this way, students will grow as critical thinkers, collaborate as debaters, and gain awareness of our local community while interacting with fundraising in a more personal and engaging way.

Who can take part? How many students on a team?
If you are passionate about debating and/or service, this is a competition designed for you! The DCT is open to all Key Stage 3 (Year 7, 8, 9) and Key Stage 4 (Year 10, 11) students regardless of experience in debating. Students are welcome to sign up in teams of three or as individuals (as we are more than happy to help students find teammates).

To provide students with an educationally rich experience, teams from across China and Mongolia have also been invited. The tournament is open to all DCI schools, 75 ACAMIS schools, and the international schools in Beijing.

Where and when is it?
The competition will be hosted at Dulwich College Beijing and is scheduled to take place between Saturday 26th January and Sunday 27th January 2019.

How much does it cost? What will participants get?

The participation fee is 300 RMB per person which will include both lunch meals, official merchandise and an incredible opportunity to debate with students from all over Asia. All students will also receive a participation certificate, while top teams will receive trophies and the choice of which charity to support.

What will students need to do to prepare? How many students on a team?
Nothing – just show up and debate!

On the first day of the tournament, the DCT Team will host a students' debating workshop which will help provide assistance and guidance to new and experienced debaters. However, if students would like to improve their debating skills prior to the tournament, the DCT Team will be sharing additional resources to students upon signing-up to help give students more guidance.

Chaperone is Required
As usual with ACAMIS events, a chaperone designated by the sending school is required. When the application is submitted, a participation code of conduct and release form will be sent to you.

Who are the charities?

1. HOPE (Horses Offering People Enrichment)
HOPE offers therapeutic horsemanship lessons to individuals with special needs. They provide enriching and fun horseback experiences for children and adults, which has proven to be effective for developing motor skills, nurturing growth and healing from disabilities, and fostering communication and social skills. You can find more information regarding HOPE on their webpage here:

2. The Yunnan Project
The Yunnan Project works towards fundraising for sustaining a local foster home in Kunming. Through annual trips, the Yunnan Project also builds meaningful connections between Dulwich students and the foster children, whilst ensuring that each child in the foster home is able to complete their education through primary and secondary school.

3. MCF (Migrant Children’s Foundation)
MCF primarily works with migrant communities in Beijing. They conduct numerous activities and enrichment programs at different migrant schools, aiming to provide a more well-rounded education and better access to healthcare for migrant children. You can find more information regarding MCF on their webpage here:

How do I sign up?
To formally sign up for the tournament, please complete this form by clicking the following link by 1st November 2018: