It is a conference open to both middle school and high school students and a great opportunity for all MUN participants. Every year, our participants ranging in all levels of experience, yet they are all able to engage in elaborate debating and take something away from the conference. Last year, with over two hundred participants and ten international schools in attendance, we had one of our most successful SUZMUN conferences yet—with intriguing debate and full participation in our six committees.

Our conference aims to create a stimulating one-day MUN experience covering various international issues and to promote global awareness, diplomacy, and open-minded discussion. This year, we hope to build onto last year's success—creating a conference with higher standards, more participants and more committees; to give both experienced and inexperienced participants new perspectives; to create an encouraging and fully engaging debate atmosphere on topics of our modern world; and to give directors a more comfortable and nice environment to rest or watch delegates throughout the course of the conference.

Costs are 300RMB per school and 170RMB per student. This includes all costs throughout the day other than transportation.

This year’s theme is ‘A Moment of Action’. It was inspired by the seemingly unstoppable violence occurring in various places worldwide and we thought rather than having a moment of silence to mourn those that passed away, we should have a moment of action— taking initiative to formulate solutions to worldwide issues and change the world starting with us.

If it is possible to inform us of the approximate number of delegates you will be able to bring by the April 6th that would be great :)

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries, please feel free to email me or one of our MUN directors here at SSIS:

Wilhelm Valderrama -

Jay Blackford -