Service Learning Grant

ACAMIS Service Learning Grants have been established to provide financial support for student initiatives in service learning in the ACAMIS host countries, China and Mongolia.

Awards are made to individuals or groups that require students to:

  • Apply academic, social and personal skills to support and improve the community;
  • Make decisions that will lead to authentic outcomes;
  • Grow as individuals and increase community engagement;
  • Gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their community, and society; and
  • Demonstrate their abilities while and through helping others.
Grant Value
Up to $2,500 USD may be awarded to successful individuals or groups as determined by the ACAMIS Board.

Who Can Apply?
Applications will only be accepted from students who are enrolled in ACAMIS member schools and are supported by a faculty representative providing guidance to the individual or group carrying out the service learning project.

Application Process

Schools that are planning to apply for a Service Learning Grant should first register their intent by completing the Preliminary Notice Form. When the students are ready to make full Application, they can download the ACAMIS Service Learning Grant Application Form here. The proposal should be no more than 750 words. All sections of the Service Learning Grant Application Form need to be completed and may include supplementary and supporting information. When completing the application, it may be useful to refer to the description of criteria in Service Learning Criteria.

When completing the service learning proposal the applicant(s) should consider the following questions:

Why is the proposal meaningful service learning?
Why is this project important to me/the group?
How am I/we establishing and developing partnerships?
How can I/we monitor progress, determine success and reflect during the process?
For how long will the service learning project last?
What will the funds will be applied to in addressing the identified need?


A completed ACAMIS Service Learning Grant Application Form must be sent to the ACAMIS Executive Officer no later than February 15, 2018. Late applications will not be accepted.

It will then be submitted to the Service Learning Review Committee. The ACAMIS Board of Directors will review the recommendations made by the Service Learning Review Committee and select recipients of the Award during the May Board meeting.