Chinese New Year Cards Challenge

It is once again time to celebrate the new year in China! The Academic and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) component of ACAMIS hosts an annual Chinese New Year Greeting Card Challenge. Students of all ages from ACAMIS member schools are invited to participate.

This is not a competition, it is an opportunity for students to design something with a specific purpose and learn from the process.

A top selection will be selected from each division of the school (Primary, Middle, Secondary) and will be displayed on the ACAMIS Homepage. They will also be included in the upcoming ACAMIS in Action Newsletter to be share with all member schools. Submissions not selected will also be shown on this page.

Here is how to participate:

  • Open to all grades and classes (not just art!) from K-12.
  • Participating schools will select a single submission for up to three grade levels (Primary, Middle, and Secondary).
  • Submissions should be medium resolution for digital viewing (around 120 ppi).
  • Submissions should be in either jpeg or pdf format.
  • No student or school names should appear in the greeting card.
  • Please include the words: “ACAMIS” and a positive, new year greeting in the design.
  • Submissions should be uploaded via the following Padlet link:

Password: ACE2020

Deadline for submission is Friday, January 17, 2020.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email ACAMIS ACE Chair Jennifer Nicklas at

On Behalf of ACAMIS ACE, we wish you the best of luck
and look forward to seeing the submissions!

Chinese New Year Greetings Cards Challenge from past years: