In January 2018, ACAMIS took initial steps to create new ACAMIS Academic and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) activities in Robotics in addition to Math and Chess competitions. Tapping into the considerable expertise of two ACAMIS members, Barbara Boyer and Tim Boyer from Shanghai American School Pudong Campus, significant progress was made and in May 2018 the Robotics Committee (ARC) was formed to make all arrangements as soon as possible for the immediate launching of ACAMIS Robotics.

ACAMIS (Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Schools) will be holding their First Lego League Robotics Competition at BCIS on the 13th of April. In this competition, students must design and code an autonomous robot to complete a set of missions within 2 and a half-minute timeframe. They must also present their robot design and code to a panel of judges. The students will also get a chance to present their innovation project which this year is about planning an innovative way to teach a skill. All of the details for the format of the competition is here: First Lego League Robotics Competition Format.

First Lego League also provide loads of resources and information about the competition here:

ACAMIS Robotics Committee (ARC) was created in 2018 to at the request of several ACAMIS member schools in the hope of adding robotics as an activity where it did not previously exist. Already present among a core group of member schools in Shanghai and two other cities, it became evident that an overview organization like ACAMIS would have the best chance for it to take on new life, expand with our organization, provide activities among similar schools, and be sustainable over time. To accomplish this, a team of robotics experts was needed to form the first planning committee. For classification purposes, as an ACAMIS Activity, robotics will be listing under Academic and Cultural Enrichment (ACE). To provide annual training and information, the Robotics Planning Committee will work closely with the Technology Planning Committee to create a Strand for robotics at the annual Technology Conference.

For more information about ACAMIS Robotic Activities, please contact the following key person below:
For any inquiries - please email Todd Voykin at



Committee Members

The ACAMIS Robotics Committee helps organize the following events for ACAMIS Member Schools:
  • Robotics Strand of ACAMIS Technology Conference
  • ACAMIS Robotics Expo Day in each region (Ages 6-10)
  • ACAMIS Robotics Workshops in each region (Ages 9-14)
  • ACAMIS Robotics Competition in each region (Ages 9-14)
  • ACAMIS Robotics Championship Competition (Ages 9-14)
  • ACAMIS Robotics Friendly Scrimmages (Ages 12-18)
  • ACAMIS Robotics Final Competition (Ages 12-18)
The ACAMIS Robotics Committee helps connect schools with resources on joining the following events:
  • VEX IQ Competitions
  • VEX EDR Competitions
  • WRO Competitions
  • FLL Competitions for non-ACAMIS Schools

If your school is not yet involved and you would like to know more information about how to get involved in ACAMIS Robotics, please contact Committee Chair, Todd Voykin at for further information.

Robotics Workshops at ACAMIS Technology Conference

ACAMIS Robotics Workshops and Tournaments