ACAMIS Digital Art Competition

Are you interested in art? Do you live in the digital age? Then this competition hosted by Nanjing lnternational School is for you! Use any program you want to create digital visual artwork inspired by the quote:

“We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”

– Picasso

So, whether you are a Canva King, Adobe Authority, Photoshop Fiend, Procreate Princess, or Sketchup Specialist, get your creative boots on and start making! Entries close February 21st, 2024, and winners of each category and age group will have their work printed, framed and exhibited at the ACAMIS Spring Leadership Conference and on the ACAMIS website. There will be several categories over the three age groups: Gr 6-7, Gr 8-9, Gr 10-12. Please submit your work:

Disclaimer: DIGITAL ART means any work that is solely created using digital, computer-based programs. This excludes digital photography unless the work has been predominantly and intentionally reimagined using digital, computer-based programs. AI can be used. However, we will not allow art that is created by one single prompt. Any grey areas will be decided upon at the judges’ discretion.

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Selected Artworks by Categories